Some lessons from the assembly line thesis

However, he appreciates every situation to which he is exposed and takes due diligence on the lessons life offers him from the different life conditions. Point size is perhaps the element most used to describe the legibility of a type face, but it can also be the most deceptive. He'd have to work hard for it, but isn't that what life taught us.

I was happy when everyone else was happy after eating something I had cooked. They must be given within 2 months of starting the job. I think Andrew Braaksma acted mostly out of the fear of failure and not being able to live the kind of life he may have been looking forward to when he left college for good.

Some lessons from the assembly line thesis

Supporting Evidence The author states, "When I'm back at the university, skipping classes and turning in lazy re-writes seems like a cop out after seeing what I'd be doing without school".

I got my chance after being laid off from a desk job where I worked for three years sitting behind a desk, answering phones, entering budgets, creating files for the estimators and all of the other tasks that went along with being an administrative assistant.

Never take work or education for granted because you can loose it just as fast as you gained it.

Some Lessons from the Assembly Line Essay Sample

Essay This essay has been submitted by a student. The firm claim that the author offers is because of the evidence and the personal experience that the author provides. Blue collar work had taught him how and why to work hard. He took it seriously and it gave him all the inspiration he needed to go back to school in the fall, feeling endowed with a greater advantage and a perception of what the future holds pursuant of poor grades and lacking a degree.

Some Lessons from the Assembly Line Essay Sample

The article also shows the difference in the expectations of the students and how their expectations differ sharply with the reality of the professional world. Green Bay Packers — deadspin. If we work hard, we can make something out of ourselves.

I appreciate my education more than anything and I only wish I had gone back to school a lot sooner, but better later than never, and its never too late to go back to school.

Which Are More Legible: But we don't know which one will show up until we're faced with a situation that draws it out. I couldn't believe how little I was taking home after all the hours I spent on the sweltering production floor.

Some Lessons From The Assembly Line

By acknowledging the challenges of the blue-collar jobs, the small wages that people earn in such professions and the long durations of work, the students get an awakening to relook into their efforts on education.

He further see's and it becomes clear to him how casual of an affair it can be if a company decides that your job has to be cut Braaksma, After a particularly exhausting string of hour days at a plastics factory, I remember being shocked at how small my check seemed. To be faced with the reality of losing that job, virtually overnight because the factory may be moving your job to Mexico where, as Braaksma tells us, people would work for sixty cents an hour, is almost crazy.

Being in school has brought focus and meaning to my life. The author does not regret about the challenges he gets exposed to or does not boast about the leisurely life he experiences in college.

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Together they were a family of people with a common goal; survival, and making quality cars. June 1, On The Road. We will write it for you from scratch. I liked my jobs and the people I worked with, but I wanted to cook more and working helped with my decision making toward a new career path.

Some Lessons from The Assembly Line

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In this manner, the author first shows the challenges of the blue collar jobs and later explains the role education and states his opportunity to make his life better by putting more effort in education.

I had always wanted to go back to school to further my education, but over the years while trying to maintain a steady income and raise a family became difficult, I realized that it was going to be hard for me to go back to school.

Organization of Essay Finally, the organization of the article helps in providing support for the claim of the author about showing the importance of education.

Some Lessons from The Assembly Line

Everyone has to come to grips with them at some point. How and when I learned these lessons, however, has inspired me to make the most of my college years before I enter the real world for good.

Until then, the summer months I spend in the factories will be long, tiring and every bit as educational as a French-lit class. Some Lessons from the Assembly Line First Paragraph summary The author, Andrew Braaksma let his reader know he work for a car manufacturer in an automotive plant in southwest Michigan last June.

Some Lessons from the Assembly Line by Andrew Braaksma Published in Newsweek Magazine, September 11, Last June, as I stood behind the bright orange guard door of the machine, listening to the crackling hiss of the automatic welders, I thought about how different my life had been just a few weeks earlier.

Anderson 1 Derek Anderson Instructor Coates English February 27, Summary and response to “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line” In his essay “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line”, Andrew Braaksma gives his insights and lessons learned from working as a temp in car factories during summers in between semesters of college/5(1).

Sample Framework from “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line” Sample Hook, Background, Thesis: Parents and teachers have always told students that we should be thankful for the educational opportunities offered to us.

Some lessons from the assembly line thesis 14 November, Faith in America How religious ideas and spiritual experiences have shaped America's public life over the last years.

Some lessons from the assembly line thesis
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